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Experience the Africa with Africa Uncovered Safaris

Africa Uncovered Safaris is an independent guiding service and safari company, specialising in adventure trips and photo safaris. We strive for innovation and creativity which are the core values graciously offered to those traveling with us. We see ourselves as custodians and facilitators of everybody's opportunity to experience Africa from the inside out.

What makes us stand out is our ability to offer independent transportation, logistic support and safari guiding.

WE are your guides, WE are your trackers and spotters, WE are your drivers, WE are your cooks and camp hosts. We believe in the value of learning and growing, and in the excitement of firsthand experience. That is why, when traveling with us, we invite you to leave behind all your fears, prejudices, and expectations. Let go everything and immerse yourself in the purest experience of Africa!

Africa From The Inside Out

Our trips are awe-inspiring adventures into a land that discloses its secrets to those who look beyond the ordinary and keep an open mind. As well as those willing to share with others the joy of discovery and adventure.

Through the model of experiential education, we wish to share with you an approach to the concept of learning and growing that is based not on direct teaching but, rather, on direct experience and focused reflection, as we aim to increase knowledge, hone skills and clarify values.

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Who We Are

Africa Uncovered Safaris is more than a tour operator; we are storytellers and enthusiasts who are passionate about showcasing Africa's hidden gems. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals with a deep love for the continent, sharing a common goal of unraveling the magic that makes Africa unique. With each safari, we strive to provide not just a journey but an immersive experience that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of our clients.

When you plan for a journey with Africa Uncovered Safaris, you find a life-changing adventure. Our expert guides, carefully planned itineraries, and responsible travel practices guarantee unforgettable memories while preserving the natural wonders and local communities we visit.

Choose Africa Uncovered Safaris for an African Safari that goes beyond your thirst for adventure, knowledge, and discovery. Come, explore Africa with us, and let the wild beauty of this region captivate your heart and soul.


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Our Mission

At Africa Uncovered Safaris, our mission is to unveil the untold beauty of Africa by curating exceptional safari experiences that go beyond the ordinary. We are dedicated to providing travellers with an opportunity to discover the diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and rich cultures that define this extraordinary continent. Our mission is rooted in a commitment to responsible tourism, conservation, and creating lasting memories for our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading force in transforming the way the world experiences Africa. We aim to be recognized for our innovative and sustainable approach to safaris, setting new standards in customer satisfaction, wildlife conservation, and community engagement. Africa Uncovered Safaris envisions a future where every journey with us becomes a catalyst for positive change and a deeper connection to the wonders of Africa.

Core Values

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our safari experiences, from meticulous trip planning to on-the-ground execution, ensuring that every detail exceeds the expectations of our clients.We are committed to the long-term well-being of Africa's ecosystems. Our approach involves minimizing our environmental impact, supporting conservation initiatives, and contributing to the sustainable development of local communities.

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Tailor-Made Packages

Safari Experiences Tailored to Perfection

Crafted with precision and personalized attention, our packages ensure a safari experience that resonates with individual travel aspirations.

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